“Extreme Outfitters USA” Kevin and Tammi Marshall the owners of EOUSA are now operating the hunting on the ranch.  They bring a world of resources and hunting experience to our operations.

The ranch is located 17 miles west of Riverton, Wyoming which is at the foothills for the Wind River Mountains and lies along the river bottoms of the Wind River.  We have been successful in removing undesirable genes and improve our quality of bucks by 40 plus inches.

Multiple trail cameras have placed  through out the river bottom of the ranch in order to evaluate our herd and its potential and have produced amazing results. Over the years we have also placed open air tree stands and enclosed scent free blinds in strategic locations (deer trails and patterns) through out the river bottom.
The ranch is also unique as it borders the Wind River Indian Reservation on the south end with a heavily wooded thicket that is an excellent bedding area for the whitetail. We cannot hunt this area but it’s landlocked between our ranch and the Wind River and our herd has no pressure from hunters. This is a small ranch to Wyoming standards, but it is a long and narrow property with over a half mile of river bottom.
As you see in the pictures on our website, hunters have harvested some very nice mature whitetails over the past several years. The real potential of this ranch is yet to be seen.
The whitetail season in this area is the month of November and we will be hosting a maximum of 12 hunters. If you would like the opportunity to harvest a very nice mature Wyoming whitetail buck please give Kevin a call at 307-690-2550 or 307-856-1481 evenings.