(Ed's 2013 Wind River Buck is pictured above)

First off Mike and Teresa have a great set up and treat there guest like family! This was my wife's and my first white tail hunt and had no idea what to expect all though I had done some research on Wind River Whitetails before hand and one of the reasons I picked them was the success rate and the opportunity's of getting to shoot a whitetail buck.


Mike and Teresa didn't disappoint us as we had deer around us both days we hunted. Our hardest problem was trying to judge the sized of deer having never hunted whitetail before and only seen them on TV. Mikes stands are very nice and warm for hunting late November in sub zero weather they proved perfect as we were able to fill both tags with very nice trophy deer.


I was glad to have my wife along cause it took two sets of eyes to keep up with all the deer we had to judge. Again Mike and Teresa know how the take care of there hunters.
Thanks Mike and Teresa, we will be back!
Ed and Jody Keever