Wind River Whitetails featured on Field and Stream website

Bucks in Rut Mode, Does not Far Behind
Blog Post by Jeff Holmes. Uploaded on November 15, 2012

Many western whitetail hunters only take to the field during the season, sometimes just on weekends, sometimes just on opening day. Even for those of us who make it our business to observe of whitetail behavior, it’s tough to be as in-touch with current deer patterns as are two of the biggest western whitetail outfitters.

Both Montana Whitetails’ Keith Miller and Wyoming’s Wind River Whitetails’ Mike Rinehart are able to monitor large deer herds daily, while also receiving first-hand reports from their hunters and staff. Their reports this fall have often foreshadowed what hunters on the ground have seen.

According to both Rinehart and Miller, the rut has started, but somebody forgot to tell the does.
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